REYKO / Spinning Over You Music Video
REYKO / Spinning Over You
Music Video
Directed by Josep Prat Sorolla / Produced by O
In the beginning, when I was asked to direct Reyko's "Spinning Over You" music video, I had considered the possibility of mixing real image with animation, more or less in a 50%-50%. But the idea of using only one of the two seemed to me more and more interesting as I started going over the proposal in my head: I thought about going from 2D to 3D and to generating “constructed illustrations” to appear alongside Soleil and Igor, the two members of Reyko, integrating them in the same composition.

As for the idea and the concept, all the video is centred on one premise: placing Soleil in a totally Surrealist and labyrinthine world, where her character roams in that state of “love hypnosis” the song transmits. It’s about, thus, playing with the idea of a geometric perfection that at the same time ends up as an illusory, hypnotic and labyrinthine game. I also liked the way in which this whole universe fitted the almost whispered and dreamy tone Soleil uses to sing the song.

One of the first steps to follow was to start sketching, composing and looking for colours. It’s the usual process I always follow to create my illustrations. I also wanted to give the piece some brush strokes inspired by artists I love, like Oskar Schlemmer, Magritte, Jean-Paul Goude or several 80s artists. Taking all this as a base, Alexandra Jordana, the Art Director, started working and digging deeply in these ideas to be able to make them come true.

These are some of the sketches and colour tests I did at the beginning. Some ended up appearing as such, working as a kind of storyboard
Produced by O
Directed by Josep Prat Sorolla
Executive producers Rafa Montilla & Emilia Fort
Producer Fiona Vidal-Quadras
Director of Photography Elias M. Félix
Production Designer Alexandra Jordana
Costume Designer Cris Quer
Choreographer Tuixen Benet
Make-up Artist Alba Pesa
Grade Marc Morató at Metropolitana
Postproduction Coordinator Yukio Montilla
Julia Hernández
Elena Serrano
Lucía Revert
Sheila Jordà
Production Manager Marta Vega
First Assistant Director Silvia Martínez
First Production Assistant Eva Rubio
Production Assistant Mónica Colomer
Production Assistant David Ceballos
Production Assistant Edu Giménez
Production Assistant Oriol Rovira
Production Assistant Valerie Steenhaut
Stylist Assistant Alba Aixut
2nd Unit Camera Operator Carlos Rigo
Focus Puller Ana Ferron
Camera Assistant Frankie A.Ronda
2nd Unit Focus Puller Marta Mulas
2nd Unit AC Marina Cerdà
Gaffer Carles Roman
Sparks Enric Miranda, Genis Serra, Jose Cachon, Joan Planella and María González
Key Grip Alex Moregó
Grip Adri Arguelles
Art Director Sara Oliva
Art Assistant Núria Cunill
Props Buyer Vicki Viñas & Júlia Prats
Props Advance Anna Cornudella, Laia Alabart & Glendis
Props on set Cristian Diamante
Construction Guille Fernández & James Grimes
Suppliers: Movie Men, Another Light, Cinevent, Cocolate, Espai Erre, Metric, Cine Support, Meridiana Rent, Parc Audiovisual Terrassa, Catering Pa·rill, WRS Walkies & Wifivox
Special Thanks to All Cast and Crew, Amor y Lujo, Xevi Fernandez, Juan Carlos Pajares, Maria Barghouti, Hector Ruiz, Álvaro Peñalta, David Fernández, Berta Oliveres, Jordi Santos, Affaire, MINIM Merçè Colomer.
REYKO / Spinning Over You Music Video

REYKO / Spinning Over You Music Video

Music video for Reyko's "Spinning Over You"

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