Shiba Inu means "Little Brushwood Dog" in Japanese
I have been playing with Adobe Draw for quite sometime now and I think that it is becoming part of my workflow. I'm glad that I tried this technology and I got a lot of praises from the art community.

For this Artwork/Flyer, me and my team decided for me to create something special. Shiba San is becoming a household name in the DJ community. He play's mainly house and together with Billy Kenny we think that it is a perfect pairing for a Dirtybird Recordings night.
Design Process:
My team decided to make an illustration base on a dog(Shiba Inu) since the logo and the DJ name is to obvious for us to miss it. The music is pretty fun and dark that is why we decided to make the image rough. And I also incorporate a Japanese flag theme in the background so it will highlight what type of dog it is.

If you look at the image, the dog seems melting. It is just my interpretation of how it blends to its surroundings.

I hope you guys appreciate it!!
This is what the Final Flyer looks like.
Here's a timelapse of how I layered everything in Adobe Draw and Illustrator.
Thank you so much! Hope you guys liked it;)
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