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    The students at the University of Minnesota Duluth posses an spirit that is industrious by nature.
Those Who Can, Duluth
University Of Minnesota Duluth
Some can't imagine studying in such a place. Where students forge their degrees with their own hands. Immerse themselves in the elements, seasons and teachings of a city known for greatness. Some can't see themselves falling in love with the lake and it's vast northern shores. Those who can, Duluth.
Students are different. Some don't enjoy the passing of the seasons. They can't imagine venturing onto a frozen lake to cut a hole in the ice just to study the fish. Those who can, Duluth.
Beautiful things are often made by hand. Yet many can't appreciate the time and effort required to create something that moves people, something truly unique. Those who can, Duluth.
UMD students are industrius by nature. Take Kyle Berg for example. After graduating with a Masters in Civiel Engineering, he's now designing buildings that scrape the sky. Some can't imagine nature influencing the design of the most unnatural construction of all. Those who can, Duluth.
At UMD, we're industrious by nature. Using 100% recycled materials, we constructed the first building in the University system to be certified by LEED at the platinum level. Some can't understand the benefits of sustainable construction. Those who can, Duluth.