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    My brand new "business card".
iLuv Card
My brand new "business" card.
I've been living without a business card for a while, because I just didn't like the whole card idea. We live in a digital age, and a card with my contact details on it just seamed a bit, well... useless. So I thought I'd change the concept a bit and give the card some purpose, while making the most out of my personal design identity. The small type on the bottom of the back of the card says "* If you can't get step 3 right, go see a psychiatrist right away, it might be serious." It's made out of 2 sheets of paper, red&white glued together, with a cutout on each side. The front cutout is a bit smaller giving it a nice border effect. I'll update the project with the photo of the real thing when they come out of print. Hope you like it! it sure makes me laugh :)

A bit more info is available on iluvcolor.com