4H Grows Here: National council pro bono campaign
Be honest - if someone mentioned 4H, the image that would spring to mind is of a rural kid raising a goat to show at the county fair. Right? Well, you’re not alone and therein lies the problem. Truth is 4H is a wonderfully dynamic program that serves a diverse group of kids. They were - and are - an organization in need of a brand update. This is the campaign we created to do just that. I was privileged to work with a passionate client, 4H CMO Artis Stevens, who green lit the project, sold it through to the board, and made sure we had the tools needed to execute it right. And a wonderful team of creative partners like copywriter Mitch Obatake and photographer Sean Daily.  
We shot for most of last summer, and spent additional months culling, editing, retouching, writing, designing and art directing. These are a highlight sample of the overall scope - it will take years for 4H to use all of the materials we delivered. I love the way it turned out and I'm looking forward to watching 4H grow.