Comfortable technologies for your home.

Holis installs automated curtains and blinds. Recently, company entered
aluminum products market: windows, garage doors and gates etc.

Their decided to combine 5 Siberian companies into one brand and create
conglomerate of windows and doors dealers. Curtains and blinds line will
remain under Holis brand.

Our goal was to create positioning strategy, name and identity.​​​​​​​
Welport strategy: high-level company
with great customer care.

On our first meetings we discussed company’s processes, inspected company’s
headquarters and factory, met with clients team. We understood that company pay
attention to high-quality production and to customer service.
Majority of competitors don’t have a decent office and customers
are forced to get to them through industial zones. And it’s mostly “garage” production.

We decided to concentrate positioning strategy on high-level performance and customer service.​​​​​​​
New name let Welport to be on a par
with large manufactorers.
Due to likeness of name to “surname of the founder”, Welport can stand in line
with manufacturers like Hörmann, Comunello and Schuco.

Name is easy to read, pronunce and write. Welport is different from it's competitors,
most of which use descriptive words in their names.

High-level company and customer care.
Logo icon includes 3 metaphors: high-tech, care and shape
of product shape (windows, gates and doors)

Visualy Welport differs from majority of it's competitors:
in style and in scalability.

Sign easily scales to pattern and becomes important identification element. Welport often uses company vehicle and pattern will help to differ from gray environment. We wanted every touchpoint to be consistent, and identity to be easily scalable and to engage creativity.
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