My work on topics like menstruation and body shaming began out of sheer need, disappointment and realisation that ones best work comes out of struggle.
So in times where we cant even walk busy streets at night without having the fear that we wont make it back home safely, It only seems right to at least try and make things better. And because I strongly believe that feminism is so much more than just issues limited to yourself and experiences you've dealt with, but is rather empowering every girl who has kept quite for too long.
I picked the female body and issues related to body image in particular because to me there is nothing more pure and truthful than the skin we live and breathe in. A body that grows, expands, contracts, and breeds ideas that can change the world. Every scar, wound, stretch mark , curve and tyre tells a story that bares witness to all the times you've laughed, lived and fallen and not just for the sake of living, but that you've really lived.
 We’ve all called our bodies a temple at some point or the other, then why let the world break the walls down that you've built to protect, preserve and provide your own body. You are the only one who resides, everyone else is just a visitor. In a world so critical, its only humane to cut ourselves some slack, so eat the last piece of cake and smile a little wider because its only you who saves you.
While going through the process and understanding the female body through different perspectives, I came across questions that may or may not have been answered but it certainly did churn the wheels in motion and brought me closer to validate, inquire and question things like what is healthy? who decides? what is natural? why do we conform? why are we apologetic? how much space do we deserve to occupy?
Embroidery is such a versatile and ancient art form and so it only makes sense that people will relate and understand this universal language. The idea behind most of the artworks, in really simple terms is that we live in a society which is suffering from the effects of many a years of deep rooted patriarchy, which has created, cultivated and enforced an idea of the 'ideal' woman. A woman who appears, behaves and carries herself in a certain acceptable manner. We are also a culture that celebrates and worships our Goddesses, so then why is there a disparity in the way we treat our women. If we don't alter our Goddesses why do we do it to our women, and construct a certain acceptable image for them to fit. All women are Goddesses, lets start treating them the way they deserve. 
What does it say about us when we demonise a basic human need? Female Masturbation has long been kept under covers and it's high time we spoke of the unspoken.
Sex education isn't just limited to sex, but needs to emphasise on a healthier and safer way of living. Knowledge of one's own body cannot be taken for granted especially not in an age where acceptance and consent are the key factors in our society's growth.
Title: Food for soul (embroidery on muslin)
                                                       CACTITS : What it feels like to wear an under wire bra
Commercials depicting used Sanitary napkins and tampons with blue ink: We're not Smurfs, we bleed blood. #normalizementruation
(Embroidery on a pad)
                                                                    Crimson Wave
                                                                                       Let's Talk. Period.
                                                                                Embroidery on a Tampon


My work on topics like menstruation and body shaming began out of sheer need, disappointment and realisation that ones best work comes out of str Read More