Future is you. You and your actions - the future of the company, and its success depends on you.Under the motto of the business conference XXL FYOUTURE tobacco company Philip Morris International, for which we have prepared Identity, style and jingles. The event lasted for 3 days, each of which was devoted to his subject, but they sought tobring one - all employees are important in the work of a large corporation.This same message we have tried to convey in visualrange, performed in the style of a cyber-punk.
In the intro , our main task was to reflect key conference idea - a man with glasses. Every employee have a unique view of the world, which allows us to build the future. 
Number  animation

The theme of the first day of the conference - "Growth and Entrepreneurship", you make decisions. We have prepared jingles for speakers in a minimalist style, which draws a parallel with the main concept of the day: the market - is a game. Two managers meet on the field, each of them has a limited number of chips. The goal - to take the biggest area of ​​the table, to master all the necessary positions and bring your business to the top of the industry. Successful is the one employee who correctly used the environment.
table animations
The concept of the second day - "innovation", you'll find new ways. The world is rapidly
develops technologies, large corporations must learn to use it for their own purposes. The video that we prepared for this theme, showing the full human interaction and gadgets.
The theme of the last of the day - "personal leadership and knowledge building," you do it. To achieve results, technologies and advanced tools are not enough. Workers should have the leadership qualities and develop constantly.
In the part "Speakers", our company had to create the images representing the twelve PMI's speakers. The speakers should have been deliver lectures associated with conference themes. We use an original technology to produce 3D models of speakers. Through Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner, we scanned the bust of the twelve speakers and got ready-to-use high poly 3D models. After work with the polygonal adaptation and retopology, we split 3D model of the each speaker into parts. As a result, we created ready-to-use 3D setup to optimize subsequent animations of each image. When we created a template (pattern) for the speaker's image, we completed images with various backgrounds. If there was more than one speaker on the stage, designers combined the setups. As a result, there was a modern and technology-based image for the performance of each speaker.
key poses
head transition animation

General Producer & Creative Agency
Ultra Production

Skibinskaia Valentina
Dontsov Yuriy
Kuzmina Evgeniia

Creative Concept
CYBER TIGER Studio & Ultra Production 

Video Content and Special Effects


Art Director
Sergey Lobodin

Creative Director
Sergey Lobodin

Project Managers
Daria Dubrovskaya
 Alexander Semenov

Sergey Lobodin

Concept Artists
Kubickiy Yuriy
Ernst Eskov
Anton Selifanov

Kubickiy Yuriy
Ernst Eskov
Anton Selifanov
Georgy Turkin
Ilia Volodkov
 Anton Novosad
 Dmitry Vetoshkin
 Timur Vanin

Music & Sound Design
Sergey Razuvaev

Belov Aleksey
Dolgova Mariya