In Belgium, 98% of women have been victims of street harassment.
For the International Women's Rights Day, Touche Pas À Ma Pote asked J. Walter Thompson Brussels to focus on raising awareness among Belgians around the topic.

The idea allows each Belgian to experience what woman face everyday in the streets of our capital.To do so, they transformed Google Street View to create HER STREET VIEW. The principle is the same: dropping a small character on a map and, therefore, being able to explore the streets with the vision of a pedestrian. In this case, the well-known Street View character becomes a woman.The twist of HER STREET VIEW: During the visit of the streets, the spectator undergoes acts of verbal harassment in the form of phylacteries: insults, insinuations, provocations, contempt. It is only by putting oneself in their skin that everyone can feel what thousands of women suffer every day, every moment.The action is supported by a bannering campaign and guerilla display.

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