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    Zagara art work
  Soil of Ardour | Inside Insight

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Soil of Ardour | Inside Insight
M1, M2 and M3
April 2012
10 x 20 x 5 cm

INSIDE INSIGHT is a version from the series of Soil or Ardour and is characterized by adrandom sunken holes which are present in the models, mainly in the legs. It adds a new dimension to what we used to see and and believe to know.
SOIL OF ARDOUR is not so much about the classic approach and the sing of the female beauty, it is much more about being enchanted by the female mystical. It represents the concepts of female strength as a guardian and giver of life, the womb as the secret female temple, and the seduction of life as an apple for the hungry mankind. 

SOIL OF ARDOUR is a family of sculptures in which the following directly descended from the previous one. An evolution where as with ourselves, everything you do comes from what the previous generations have built up and done. So:
SOIL OF ARDOUR | INSIDE INSIGHT is the evolution of Basis Classical Patina edition, is the evolution of Basis Vigorous Patina edition.
. . . Zagara art . . .
Soil of Ardour | Inside Insight M1
. . . Zagara art . . .RA
Soil of Ardour | Inside Insigh M2
. . . Zagara art . . .
Soil of Ardour | Inside Insight M3



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