Quetzal Casa Cultural _rebranding
Quetzal is a small cultural centre in the heart of Buenos Aires. It has a distinctive warmth to it -very Latin American- and the wall paintings make it one of the most breathtaking hidden spots in the city, where anything can happen at any time -an unintentional yet characteristic eclecticism that makes for rich, more interesting activities to enjoy.

Cultural centres had a peak by the beginning of the century in Latin America, solving the need for young people to have a place where they could not only experience seeing art but also sharing their own work with others. These places gather artists with no budget or contacts in Museums or big Galleries, they give anyone the chance to be someone. They usually offer different kind of activities during the day like art classes, and drinks and live music at night.


We also designed two extra systems for the centre, one for the daytime activities and another for the nightlife of Quetzal, to make sure people could tell apart the bar from the classes. Our main goal was to keep people informed at all times that this was not only a night bar, that they could also join for festivals, cocktail classes or photography shows.