Black Sheep

Logo and Packaging design for a new hypothetical brand
of handmade calligraphy tools

Academic project __ 2017
Generally it has a negative meaning but being a black sheep doesn't always need to have this connotation. Because you don’t need to try to be someone that you’re not.

There has been a great deal of talk about the revival of the hand written word and as a result, interest in calligraphy has spiked. In a society where the emphasis is on fast (instant food, messages and  information) those who practice the thoughtful process of hand-writing go against the grain.

Black Sheep tools won’t be precious in substance but valuable for the fact that are made by hand. A Black Sheep doesn’t follow the crowd and ignores the mainstream noise. It will be given another life to waste materials by using them to create useful and unique tools.


- Logo -
- Packaging -

Mockup downloaded from Pixeden