We are all made of pixels
Visually this project is very similar to NSFW in many ways but it comes from a set of very different ideas.

Watching the Olympics I was thinking how great will to be a photographer inside the Games, after a while I begun to think that it will be very disappointing to be able to see only one or maybe two sports at the same time. I will hate to think about the other images I could not capture.

The thoughts derived then to what defines or not a photographer: It's not the gadgets or the camera, it's not the decision of capture an image, it's not a point of view..... it's... it is not... it's not the concept, it's not the act itself, it's not... it's.... it's....

Non of the above, and all of the above among many others.

Then I realized. I can take photographs even if I'm not using my camera or have decisions about what to put in front of the lens. My decision is when to capture the image and among almost 12.000 images captures select which ones will be able to tell some story.

And my last decision is how to treat each image to build a series. How much information could I to remove and yet keep some index of each sport, and to try to take to the edge how our cultural memory help us to build significance from a series of color squares.

Please excuse my bad English, the Prozac don't mix well with my few bilingual skills.