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    Me and my other drugs.
Your words were poison-filled. 
It circulated through all of my veins, destroyed my cells.
If I'd died, everything would end there.
But somehow I survived. Now you will suffer. 
Once you told me I was like an origami that I can make anything out of myself. And for that you said you will be there throughout my any transformation. Time passed by and made me a paperdoll.
 And there you hanged me on the thread and enjoyed me dancing on air.
Meaningless Origami, I was. 
Everything is eating me slowly... gently... wisely.... 
oh my surroundings, oh these circumstances,
oh these everything ! I have been cut, I have been let down. 
There's calmness in my closed eyes if you look into, 
there's calmness. 

This mannequin feeling ! 
Paint me black;
of this darkness. 
In this darkness, I shall fade. 
Decorate me stains
all over my body. 
Kiss my bloody stains
and you will remain,
within me, within my body. 

My blood washed body 
got drenched to the bones. 

And yes, me and my other drugs, it is.