Project done for AWR competitions:

Project won a special award in AWR Competition: HoF: Horizontal Farm in New Delhi
Member Team:Łukasz Brzozowski
Mateusz Klepadło
Katarzyna KuczyńskaWeronika SalachBarbara Grzywa

 The 'housing atoms', while rising ona skeleton-like structure above the 'agricultural level', form the basic ideaof the modular and really multidimensional HORIZONTAL FARM, being bothagricultural space (in terms of permaculture) and habitation environmentadequate for high density settlement.
 This approach is based on anassumption that the contemporary OVERPOPULATION of the planet is the maindanger for the human civilization and natural ecosystems. The negative humansettlement effect on the Earth surface should be reversed and the influence ofuncontrolled urbanization must be stopped.
We claim that it can be obtained byaccepting the basic and indisputable paradigm (which should also be defined asthe base for all law systems around the planet), that the Earth's surfaceshould be released and used only for environmental purposes, that is: permanentagriculture (permaculture), sustainable forest economy, sustainablelandscaping focused on ecosystemsvitality enhancement, and controlled landscape and ecosystems protection. Onlysuch strategy allows human beings to survive. Only such approach gives themmoral rights to rule the planet, which in fact, should mean: to SERVE theplanet.
 Our RELEASE THE EARTH!project reflects this moral obligation to rule, direct and serve thefascinating world of natural beings, but also is based on the above mentionedassumptions. The literal, physical surface of the planet, that is, the groundsurface of the farm, hasbeen completely released for agricultural production. Human habitats have beenrisen above this 'agricultural level'. Through that we gain additional area forfields, gardens and recreational space – the modern PARADISE, the object ofpeople's dreams through the centuries and millenniums. We place those functionsin low trough, in shape resembling mirrored construction for housing. That wayof shaping space creates optimal climate and functional conditions both forhumans and plants. Fulfillment aspect of the idea are marketplaces locatedalong longer edges of the plot and recycling center located directly beneaththem.
 Thegrowing need for new effective and environmental-friendly sources of energydefines the directions of the most dynamical research and technologicalexplorations. Our RELEASE THE EARTH! Project meets also thesetechnological demands. In fact, the curved arched structure, which supports'housing atoms', have been designed as the gigantic [zwojnica] and is suggestedto be part of a larger complex of an 'equatorial electromagnetic factory' inwhich the electric current is induced by the Earth magnetic field, as thestrength of the Earth magnetic field is perpetually changing and those changescan induce a large electric current in the [zwojnica] passing the Earthequatorially or sub-euatorially.

 Separation of private space fromsemi-private and public is our answer to the existing chaotic structure ofneighborhood slums, where people who lives on street, which is a public space, are desperately trying togain some privacy. In our opinion giving them some property will make themresponsible for it. Moreover, we give opportunity of adequate maintenance byproviding work places such as: farm, market, recycling center. This is ouranswer for physical and social poverty.
 Proposed houses respect traditionalmodel of three generation family (grandpas, parents, children). Families get anopportunity to live in one house, in which each floor is meant for each generation. Apartments are modular, combinedfrom three segments of the same volume, which can exist as one or multi-levelhouse. That kind of solution is possible thanks to mobility of each segment. Itgives a chance of natural development of home adjusted to expansion of thefamily. When children are still young, segments intended for parents (often forgrandpas) and for children are integrated completely. When children want tobecome independent and start a family, they do not have to move out for gettingmore space and privacy. They can adapt entrance to their segment directly fromoutside without interruption to the rest. If all children leave their childhoodhome, their segment will be removed and transported to recycling center, sothat space- treated as a limited source, would not be unused, but stillupdated.
 We want our assumption to beeconomically and ecologically efficient. Not without any reason fields arecontinuous space without any divisions to smaller ones. It makes cultivationmuch easier and allows to use space to its fullest potential. Fields areprovided with proper amount of sunlight, which enters through free space in themain construction. Pathways leading to each housing unit are made oftransparent material, so that they would not cast any shadow. Air circulationis also important aspect of our design. The whole space is ventilated along theplot, what provides proper climate conditions and renewable energy from windturbines. Important matter is water management. Idea is to make use of monsoonal period as a source of free waterfor dry period. Water for housing needs is stored in roof tanks. As for thewater supplies for farm, water will be stored in pipe system hidden in theconstruction. Its upper part will be made of permeable material, so that rainwater could get inside the pipes and then to underground reserve tanks. Similarwill be protecting farm from flooding in time of monsoonal period. On thelowest terrace will be placed drainage useful at long term rains.
 Economical efficiency is based onlocal workplaces. There is a need forpeople responsible for cultivating fruits, vegetables, herbs etc, salesman atmarketplaces and workers at recycling center. In the area exist workshopscreating possibility to rise qualifications of the employees, also laboratoriesfor studying plants (their needs and possible ways to achieve better conditionsfor their grow).
Important factor of sustainablefunctioning of the complex is recycling centre. It is designed as atechnological line along the plot, so that waste were delivered from one endand then after proper working transformed into building material or day-lifeobjects.
 Summing up - concept of the farm asan element being a main condition of existing of the complex emphasizeshorticultural character of the idea. Cultivation organize functioning of theeconomy, science and technology. Existence of the farm gives an opportunity of stabilization of many importantsociological aspects, such as functioning of family, relationship betweenneighbors and responsibility for private and public property. All of this things were included in the plantcultivation for human needs.