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    CD case made of paper and pulpboard coasters
Loaded Goat CD & Coaster pack
CD and Coaster package
My band Loaded Goat cut an album and we wanted to make something cool and original for our CD case instead of a plastic jewel case like everyone else. In the age of digital downloads we wanted to make something tangible and hand crafted for our fans. This is what we came up with the coaster case! The CD slides into this little paper frame I designed and double sided coasters slide in in front and behind to make the case. The front of the coaster is the album cover and the back is the track list.  There are little flaps that fold in from the center of the frame to hold the coasters in the center of the frame.  Each pack has to be hand folded and assembled but our fans are worth it! Check out the band and me playing banjo and mandolin here www.loadedgoatband.com and you can order the CD here.
Coasters slide in front and back with the CD in the middle.
Each pack holds a CD and two coasters.
Back of package when assembled.