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    A fanzine
28sme praznine . fanzin
28 emptiness
Wanted to do something..
To explore some ? in my mind, and to spam
the society with ? too.

Tried to wrap it around drawing and typography.
Decided to go black & white > so it will be cheaper
for me to print it. Think that's near future. Will see

Language is most Serbian with some English supplements
What does that represent ?
What do you see ?
Hajde da smanjimo stres, dok rearanziramo haos.

In case of usage.

Subtle ( I don't hate you) f**k off.   Type of  > Chill I am not interested

Consult with your brain
Confusing tangle.  (Mid air edition)

Special limited gold series
A variety of combat and fleeing systems.

Handbook how to borrow  from neighbor's cherry

A flower.

We have a children game in Serbia,
and this was a part hommage to a happy childhood,
a part warning of the rising frustration in the adulthood.
I'd like to volunteer at the money factory
Cheap fun > no fulfilment

Every warriors pride ( next to the viking helmet )

Soon at village near you.

What we were, where we are now, what was the cause of our trouble.
The medicine we use to escape...

The thought surrounding the breakup of Yugoslavia
LSP (Lee Scratch Perry) presents

Dont be naughty and you will be invited to the party.
For the after party call Prti ( Prti Bee Gee hip-hop group from Serbia )

The charm of play is happiness
Behave according with the size of the gift
How do you perceive the concept of the problem
Who waits, gets run by a taxi who didn't.
Truth = Lie

Truthful lies


Circles >  Whats up with you
                  Why you talk crap

The deeds my brothers,
not small talk,
puppies and kittens,

Caviar and shrimps
What a d**k > ?

Everybody wants to f**k,
but try to bye new shoes.

Would you gime me @ the beach
Just do it.    ( Thanks Nike )

Break the doors.

I was hoping to become a politician, but today that type of rule does not exist.

I am betting ( X - 1 ) on Venus Project
They are popular but I don't like them.

Black sheap's break the pen

The alarm was beeping, they were sleeping, dreaming in popcorns .

When hook and pick arise... 
( A old saying in Serbia meaning > When the small people rise against oppression )

It's easy to disturb.
Sometimes I can't go no more.
but it's never enough.


I don't expect anything.
But, I screw myself sometime
therefore > disappointment.
To my hometown LOVE, to all the rest SMILE.
Simple happiness
Why are you the way you are ?
Why aren't you different  ?
Imaginary printed version > for now !