Seven days ( 27 August 2012 - 2 September 2012 ) 

This small project are meant to increase the amount of paintings I did for the year which is only around 40 personal artworks to date. Last year (2011), I only managed to paints around 50 personal artworks which is less about 40 artworks than the previous year (2010). So I need to get the gear up again. So for now, I decided to give it a try for a week first and hoping that I can keep it up.  Seven artworks may not be much of addition to the number. But It's a start. 

Day 1 : Yeay! Managed to finish the first piece for the project! 
Day 2 (3) : I was having hard time to finishing up this one. It was a very long and tiring day, lots of work at the studio and damn it, I missed the deadline.  
Day 3: Somehow I was able to finish this piece before the clock hit 12 midnight and  I shall get my sleep now. Yeay!
Day 4: I bet everyone hate it when this happens.
Day 5: Love painting action scene. I just realized few pattern in my works:

... if you guys spot any other mistakes, do let me know. I shall fix this problems as soon as possible.
Day 6 (8): Killing time!

Hope this one fix some of the previous post  problems (Day 5).

Day 7 (9): Careless mistake. I was too caught up in finishing this piece and forgot to save the file. My Photoshop crashed right after I watermarked the piece.  Luckily I did have an older version file (about half way done) and start over again from there. Somewhat I can't paint it like the way it was in the crashed version and  took more time to finish this piece. So frustrated. After hours of painting, finally managed to finish this piece. 

So for now, Seven Days is finally ended and I'm looking forward to start a new one! Maybe the next one will have a theme or something. Lastly, I hope you guys like it and thanks for all the supports.