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    Facebook campaign for Dodot 3D
Dodot - Admired by everyone
Hacking Shibuya's Screens
The Brief:
Dodot (Pumpers) launches a new model of nappies: the DODOT 3D absortion.
The concept “Admired by everyone” was developed by the offline agency. Our brief was to dynamize the campaign on Facebook, engage the target and become “viral”.

What mummies are most proud of is their babies. They love to show their pictures to everyone. So, what about putting them in all the screens of the most popular square in Tokyo?
In a Facebook app, the mums had to upload their baby’s photo and name. After this, they could connect with Tokyo to see everyone’s reaction when looking at the photograph of their kids.

The results overcame all the expectations, achieving all the goals of Dodot’s social media marketing for all 2012 in just one week.

Creative Direction: Xavi Solé
Art Direction: Cristiamo Fernandes
Copywritting: Alex Grecu & Angel Saavedra.
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