MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. Branding & graphic design for events.
Partnering with the MIT Enterprise Forum presents Solid Founder a unique opportunity to work with people that promote innovation and deliver MIT’s benefits to a larger demographic.

MITEF needed design language to evoke the community they serve and innovation they foster.  Attention to design and story telling is especially important for one their biggest events of the year: The Startup Spotlight; Solid Founder knew an appropriate balance must be stuck to complement distinct aspects of innovation and community.

To create lasting, compelling marketing material for MITEF Startup Spotlight 2013 to present, Solid Founder accounted for who MITEF serves, the talents of its members, and the elite technical school that inspired its creation. By using striking color combinations and images we created a cohesive look that tells a complete story. This conveys a vibrant community feel, availing MIT’s renowned technical prowess to all who are interested in what’s next for innovation.