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  • Enertainment company 4th Coast Music Group presents Money I'Z, a hip hop artist and musician from Milwaukee, WI who's music deeply impacts the lives of it's listeners. 4th Coast Music Group is prepared to hit the American music sceen running featuring artist from various back grounds with a variety of styles. Their intricately orchestrated beats supply their artist with ways to express themselves while sharing with the world their point of views. They combine the melody of their voices over sick instrumentals to produce one of a kind music that can only come from Milwaukee, WI. The music group features hip-hop all-stars such as Ray-Rizzy, Spoiled Rotten, Red Rum, Loudpack Larry and Fusion. All impact players to the entertainment groups ultimate goal which is to be recognized internationally for their efforts, talents, art and music. Money I'Z has recently release a  track accompanied by a video which can be found on YouTube and 4th Coast Music Group's website titled "I Got It". Filmed in his home town of Milwaukee,WI Money I'Z's video depicts the life, hardships and struggles of the Milwaukee, WI lifestyle as well as he using his influential vibe to motivate the ghettos of America and around the world with hope! Hopeton Hewett would like to present to the world 4th Coast Music Group and Money I'Z. The truth with no exeptions. The public is encouraged to visit 4th Coast Music Group's website to view their videos and up coming promotions. Like 4th Coast Music Group's FaceBook page by clicking this link and follow them on Twitter for the latest news, concerts schedules and updates with your favorite artist.