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Album artwork, global sounds
4 Degrees of Separation Album 
Album artwork for a compilation CD of artists from all corners of the globe. 
So this was the beginning for my love of putting art to music, this is where it all began for album artwork. The ultimate climax of a creative experience is to be able to look, touch and listen to the sounds of the finished product. My most favourite thing to do is to create to intriguing, thought and feeling provoking music.

I was commissioned by Barefoot Records to do these graphics, without knowing this would be one of many more awesome projects to come through the albums' primary sponsor, Multicultural Arts Victoria. The title 4DS refers to the north, south, east and west corners of the global compass which co exist, side by side in multicultural Australia. It's about bringing people together and being aware there is only 4 degrees of separation between us.
The Cover:
The Booklet: