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    Integrated Campaign for Atrápalo.com
The Brief:
Atrápalo.com is one of the leading companies of urban leisure in Spain. Before the summer campaign, Atrápalo needed to make some fuss to remain in the top of mind
of the audience, focusing on the PR to earn publicity in the media.

The concept was called “Atrapalo’s Deal: go on vacation and pay what you want”.

Atrápalo offered little holiday packages for the user’s choice price. In atrapalo.com we created a minisite, where the holiday packages were shown. During 3 weeks, Atrapalo activated a few new packs every day, making the audience to pay attention to all the updates.

In the campaign launching, there was a big media coverage, led by tv. In press, OPPIS and outdoors, the campaign detailing the “Deal” with all the clues of the contract.
All that communication was the most difficult part, because it is not easy to explain something that is too good to be real.

Executive Creative Direction: Daniel Solana
Creative Direction: Xavi Caparrós
Copywriting: Xavi Solé
Art Direction: Blanca Piera
Design: Ilaria Totaro

EL SOL 2008
Platinum Sol Award
Silver- Integrated Campaign 

Gold - Efficiency in Comercial Communication

SIlver   Best Integration of On/Off Media.
 As an experiment, Atrápalo used the results of the campaign to answer a question:
are people honest? Those who had made a Deal with Atrápalo, answered in this video.