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    "Marché de la Mode Vintage", Lyon, France June 2011
"Marché de la Mode Vintage"
The "Marché de la Mode Vintage" is a vintage festival that is being held in Lyon on the first weekend of June for the past 10 years. Visitors, merchants, creators, artists and collectors from around the globe gather to exhibit or buy clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, furniture, books, vinyls and all sort of stuff dating from the 50's - 80's.
A festive weekend full of happenings, concerts, fashion parades, live radio broadcastings, open air hair salons, beers, waffles, ice-creams. And all of the above surrounded by a wandering company of rockabillies, Gibson Girls, swing bands, camisoles and corsets, Stetson hats, analogue cameras, retro cars, Vargas’ pin up girls and ravishing men in monocle. Influenced by the surrounding you find yourself walking like some other Bettie Page and from every unsuspected corner you secretly wish for a John Travolta to appear and take you by the hand, singing seductively to your ear: “I got chills”. The most appropriate mean to reproduce this time travel was a Pentax camera from the 70s, wearing a black and white xp 400 Kodak film. Developing and printing is self-made.