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    A series of conceptual art from my photography
Title: A Revealing Mind

The door in the woods represents an 'opening' of the Mind as seen by the panel which is missing and we can see beyond its solid structure. The path leads us to the door from a free flowing river (The Source) and we are left with the enquiry of what lies behind the door. A metaphor for the Mind's barrier we are probing the subject seeking access to its secrets.
Title: Bound by Convention

The hall of mirrors creates a preplexing illusion of reality which is magnified and repeated. The strong geometric structure acts as a metaphor for the rigid Rules male society uses to contol. The woman is refected within the structure and confronts this rigid masculine energy. She is free (naked) and yet unable to fully express her sexuality, being bound by the rules of her male environment.
Title: The Dream

The Dreamer dreams under a subconscious heaven where worlds interplay and our Star is driven
Title: Rebirth of a Goddess

The winged spirit of Diana - Moon goddess decends to Earth, soon to be reborn. She leaves her face just visible on the moon (the closer you look, the more she reveals herself).
Title: Suppresed

A life suppressed is a life of death. A symbol of control by the hand of an oppressor.
Title: Eve's Matrix

Concept suggesting the creation of Eve out of the Universal Energy field.