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Campaign Microsite

Designed a content-first microsite to illustrate how financial support helps students and faculty through the campaign Beautiful/Work.

The objective for this site was to engage donors (typically age 50+ who are already involved in civic activity in Chicago and actively donating to the arts) and to serve as a tool for our fundraisers on staff. This site also needed to provide a home for updates and related materials. We had no budget for this outside of staff time and were limited to two months for concept, design, content, and build, so we wanted to use as much existing content as possible.
Group Exercise, Content Sorting, and Homepage Narrative
I reviewed high performing campaign sites and developed a rough map of content and structure and key examples to share with my team. I lead a kickoff with the marketing leadership team. We reviewed examples that came out of my competitive analysis and brainstormed a rough structure for our site. Then we identified content we had versus content we wanted. Based on the feedback from this session, I developed a content prioritization list with contributors and began building a site map and wireframes. Once I had socialized the final map and wires with the team, I presented these to the fundraising team for final approval. I collaborated with our engineering team and a visual designer to bring the site to life.
Information Architecture and Wires
My Approach for Content and Layout
My priorities for the site design were to keep it visual and limit copy at the surface level. The site was designed to be content-first. Most of our users were expected to interact with this on desktop, so we prioritized a rich desktop experience that seamlessly transitions to mobile. The home page acts as an overall site narrative and guides the user through each section of the site. Users never need to leave the first page, unless they want to learn more. Access to giving is persistent and stands out from the variety of colorful images. Bold and dramatic imagery connects to stories that support the case for supporting the arts through a financial contribution.
Homepage Primary Call To Action
Home Feature
Fundraising at an art school isn't easy. Faculty are typically fundraising-averse, and donors are favoring stem projects over the arts. This site was well-received at SAIC and has served to strengthen the community's pride for the school and support of the campaign. SAIC surpassed its 50 million dollar goal, and the microsite was awarded Communicator Awards of Excellence in two divisions: non-profit and higher education.

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Campaign Microsite


Campaign Microsite