Residential and office building "Bagat”
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    Residential and office building "Bagat”
urbanism project
project under construction
​location: Leskovac, Serbia
client: Energosistem Čogurić d.o.o.
team: Božidar Mihajlović, Josif Milenković, Dragan Mitić, Ana Marjanović
 The architecture of the building is based on the analysis of the whole area along the Bulevar oslobodjenja since the neighbourhood buildings in this part are under the protection of the state. The front north facade of the phase I (one) is designed in compliance with the City Plan and with the consent of the Nis Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. Orthogonal form of the building emphasizes its structural elements. Compactness of the volume is broken by segmentation of facade fields, play of the openings and by consoles.