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    Interactive promo station for Directv 3D, following the Rugby Championship Tour 2012 in Argentina.
Directv 3D Promo Station
Rugby Championship 2012 
@ Fun Marketing | North Champ

Malvinas Stadium - Mendoza, Argentina

The Brief:
Develop a high impact promo station for Directv to promote their 3D content, rugby sponsorship and client loyalty.  The developed concept should be reusable and transportable as to follow the tournament game sites. 

We customized a modular aluminium framed tent into a tech-savy promo station. Using "rugby", "interactive" and "3D brand identity" as our key concept triggers, we covered most of the exterior surface of the tent with custom made graphics, used mdf wood and vinyl applications as well as a giant rugby "H" to create an attractive entrance. Inside, we set up four 3D LCD screens with a custom made stand, a welcoming counter and a kinetic 3D game where visitors could win prizes. The ambiance was set using several blue LED lights and a very neat animated rugby ball hanging from the ceiling (effect generated using an acrylic structure and a video projector). 

The visitor, attracted by the large captivating signage would approach the tent only to be greeted by one of our promoters. She would then hand the visitor a pair of passive 3D glasses and invited in. Once inside the visitor would have the chance to register at the counter for a chance to win a prize and/or discount, act which would be followed by a tour around the screens which displayed a variety of contents in 3D format only to end up at the kinetic rugby game where every visitor was given a chance to free kick for a prize.

The Project was a team effort organized by the team at Fun Marketing in which my role was that of production designer.
Interior render showing final configuration.
The rugby field lights can be seen in the background.

The floating 3D effect was best appreciated under low light conditions, nevertheless the wow effect was a huge success among both adults and children.
Left side render showing graphic applications.