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    Typography Cocktail
20100218~20100223 / Jeju Island, Korea


 I stayed at my beautiful hometown (jeju Island) during the refresh vacation.
The weather changed many times throughout the course of a day. I felt various
weather such as a snowy, cloudy,rainy,sunny, storm.. it was really changeable.
 The sky was dark and gloomy gray.. but marvelously, the emerald colored sea was shining
brightly. everything is mixed up. a medley of flavours this recipe, it looks just like a cocktail.
i moistened my mind with a deep blue sea martini, how does sunset orange cocktail taste?
 sunny or cloudy..sweet or bitter..shiny or rusty..I'm out of control like this...
I struggled in my mind that was filled with a mishmash of jumbled thoughts.
i tried to use various typeface and dynamic mixed.
about this flexible approach and i just wanna say "Typography Coktail". 
dazzling colors,attractive fragrance.i can't get out of the cocktail party.
would you like something to drink? :-)There are various kinds of drinks:
helvetica,garamond,bodoni,Baskerville,univers,avant grade...etc
Let's stop in here and have cocktails, enjoy :-)