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    Branding, logo design, print design, illustration and signage design for a desert food trailer in Austin, Texas
Holy Cacao Deserts
A desert food trailer in Austin, TX
I was hired in 2008 to create a logo and visual brand for a Holy Cacao when they were still in the beginning of the business planning stages. I collaborated with local artist Claire Hees, who painted the mascot of "Holly, the Holy Cacao," from her creative imagination onto the side of the trailer as a mural. From this artwork, I then re-created Holly as simplified vector artwork in Illustrator, and also created the company logo based on this illustration. After creating the logo and choosing the fonts and color palette for the brand,  I was hired to create signage for the top of the trailer, menus, stickers, business cards and all other supporting printed materials.
In 2010, Holy Cacao opened a second mall kiosk location at Barton Creek Mall, and I was again asked to design all of the signage for that display as well.
What a fun client! It's been exciting to watch this small company become very successful and obtain local and national recognition via the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Rachel Ray's magazine, and Travel & Leisure magazine, to name a few.

Holy Cacao logo
The mascot: Holly, the Holy Cacao
Sign design for the food trailer in Austin - it is built from wood, and it is 3-dimensional, with lighting.
menu design
mall kiosk
signage for mall kiosk (shown above in photo too)
cake ball menu at mall kiosk
simple packaging for cake balls shown, with mini take-out menu and logo sticker
inside and right side of trailer....note all of the hand-painted artwork (collaboration with Claire Hees, fine artist)
another view of the trailer in Austin