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    This brand identity was developed for a fictional restaurant, Överlägsen Soup & Salad Bar, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Överlägsen Soup & Salad Bar (a fictional company created for the purposes of this project) is located in Over-The-Rhine, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH, and has been open since 2009. We are a for-profit restaurant providing a fresh selection of menu items. The primary selection consists of a salad bar containing fresh, local produce and grains. Secondary menu items include multi-grain breads; organic cheeses; homemade soups; and healthy beverages. All proteins are ethically sourced to ensure harmful farming methods are not a product of our business. Tofu and other high-protein options are available for vegetarians and vegans. All foods sold at Överlägsen are organic and specially chosen to help the ever-busy professional maintain a healthy, balanced diet to fuel long days.

Överlägsen’s main demographic is the on-the-go millennial professional with a keen sense of health awareness. While diet is taken seriously, our customers seek a fun environment that leaves them feeling rejuvenated, energetic, and sanguine. In the fast paced society we live in, Överlägsen aims to help customers enjoy a slow moment of their day, even if they are not planning on dining in. Like the food we sell, our environment and attitude are tailored to provide a stress-free experience, promoting self-awareness and care.

Unlike other “build-your-own” competitors like Chipotle or BiBiBop, Överlägsen provides local, farm-fresh produce and fresh-baked breads every day. Moreover, Överlägsen is not owned by a large corporation, ensuring that each customer is taken care of with a great level of understanding. In addition to our very different services, our left over foods will be packaged & donated to local food pantries and kitchens nightly to help alleviate the burden Cincinnati’s less-fortunate bear while trying to figure out where their next meal will come from. To make up profit losses from donations, our meals will be in a medium price range: $10–$15 per order. Knowing their money will go towards helping the local economy, as well as the less fortunate, our customers feel comfortable paying higher prices for food they