Drawing and painting tutorials on my new Patreon page!
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I've just launched my Patreon page today! Super excited about it.  It's a special page where I'm going to share tips and tricks about drawing and painting.

C h e c k   i t   o u t   h e r e :
What can you expect?
- Tips about how to get better with your drawings. Especially ink and pencil.
- Process photo's with a lot of insight.
- Video tutorials with voice-over.
- Painting tutorials about acrylics and oil paint.
Patreon is all about supporting artists. So you can subscribe to the page and each month you will get a 'reward' in return. The higher the amount, the more rewards you will get.
These are the rewards you can choose from!:

1. Access to my activity feed on Patreon.  
2. Work in progress photo's, much more shots and close-ups than you won't find on my other social media places! I will share quick tips here as well. 
3. Free wallpaper to download.
4. Polls, where you can let me know, what you want to see or learn so I can incorporate that into my posts!
5. 10% discount on my store. www.marjoleincaljouw.com/store
6. Postcard with an illustration or painting of the month on 300 grams paper, send by mail to your home! :)
7. Long video: of at least 20 minutes, high quality, step by step, with voice-over where I explain everything!
8. An A5 print of a painting on 300 grams paper, signed and send to your home!
9. An A4 sketch with graphite or with red pencil on heavy paper, send to your home.
10. An original artwork, size A5, with oilpaint on paper or woodpanel.