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    The Jungle of Cacique is an interactive and surreal trip across the roots of Cacique.
Rum Cacique's Jungle 
Surreal, interactive, immersive.
The Brief:
Ron Cacique is one of Venezuela’s best rums. During the last years, Cacique’s digital personality had been built by creating interactive webcentric experiences. To difference from the competitors, Cacique briefed us to refocus the imaginary of the brand and bring it to its origins: the Venezuelan Amazon.
We created an interactive experience called: “The Jungle of Cacique”. A new surrealistic,
mysterious and colourful scenario, where the user had to follow its instinct to find the heart of the jungle and discover Cacique’s essence: the Runakay.

Cacique drew one special trip among all the participants. In it the winner would go though the most thrilling experiences around the world.

The campaign had 2 phases. First, different banners, richmedia, and usual media announced the launching of the new experience.
In the second phase, the campaign was based on user generated content. At the end of the experience, the user created plants to represent his instinct. This plant could be exported to the user’s website, blog, personal page, etc... The plant is a banner with no logo, no claim, no call to action, it’s voluntary and because of its coolness, people loved and customized their social platforms with it.

Creative Direction: Luis Gaitan
Copywriting: Xavi Solé 
Programming: Sara Mayoral
Art Direction: Ilaria Totaro
Motion: Toni Dominguez

Cannes: Shortlist. Cyberlions. 2008
CdeC: Merit. Websites. 2008
El Sol: Shortlist. Websites. 2008
El Sol: Shortlist. Campaigns. 2008