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    Daydream, Experience & Inspiration.
Daydream, Experience & InspirationDaydream is a Source of Inspiration.
"A study shows our brains are very active when we daydream, much more active than when we focus on routine task" - Kalina Christoff (Professor of UBC Department of Psychology)

Daydream is a gateway to access to our personal space. It is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. It is a kind of the default mode, where our mind travels to our imagination to imagine something random. Daydream is usually triggered because of overwhelmed information or thoughts, and it starts to give a vision of random solutions. 

Daydream is a source of inspiration. Inspiration is a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea. Inspirations from daydreaming is a form of abstract idea, and slowly it morphs to a concrete and solid idea if we analyse, dig deeper, and see closely. Inspiration equals to ideas, hint, clue, and imaginary vision. Do your daydream affect the reality in your life? Does it give you a clue or ideas of certain events? Those people who have experienced daydreaming and reflect it to their reality have the answer.

The best way to prove whether daydream is a source of inspiration is by interviewing people who have experienced daydreaming. This method leads them to dig their experiences of daydreaming, share and finaly analyse the reflection of the reality and their daydreams. All of these quotes taken from them, people that I interviewed and encountered daydream. They truly believe that their daydreams is a meaningful imagery.

Conceptual illustrations of people's daydreams
and how it inspires them in real life.

These illustrations communicate in two different layer. When it forms an abstract illustration, that simply shows how abstract out daydreams are. We can't tell what it is about.

Image Morphing
 The Illustrations Morph into a Simpler and Meaningful Image
Once when the audiences use the red transparent film to see the artworks, the illustrations suddenly form a simpler image. This represents the inspiration and idea from daydreams after we dig and analyse deeper. The red film used to see the different meaning of the illustrations represent how daydreams morph from an abstract imagery to a meaningful inspiration that may affect the reality for some of us.

Every part of this project has its own concepts. These installations were made basically with the same method as the poster, color illusions. The threads represent how abstract our daydreams are. These threads distract people's attention to read the word "Daydream" and "Inspires" as it happened when we tried to analyse what are our daydreams. From these installations, there goes the lights blinking and forming the word "Daydream". The blinking lights represent the moment when we realized what our daydreams are. It is just a split second of flash forming random imagery.