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    tourist resort in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
 tourist resort in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Conceptual architectural design of the tourist complex with villas, shopping mall, open swimming pool, artificial islands and tower restaurant
client: Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr al Qassimi
location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
area: 78 ha
team: Dragan Mitić, Josif Milenković
Inspiration for the shapes and forms of artificial islands liesin stylized wings of the hawks whooping down to land. Large green and water areas, hiking trails, theopportunity to design a small marina and a luxury restaurant, make this island avery attractive and outstanding location.
At the entrance to thecomplex there is a great shopping mall with ground level car parking . Thefacade of the building is ornamented with lace -like metal grid with traditionalArab motifs including the structural facade behind it which gives a modernarchitectural expression.There is a possibility of direct connection of the shopping malland restaurants via the gondola, which starts from the top of the central atriumand leads directly to the restaurant.
Restaurant planned in the island is the most impressive facilitywithin the complex. Rather like sculpture, the inspiration for its design was aflower, stylized flower distinctive for that climate, known as desert hyacinth.
The required functional aspect, orientation and view to thesea as well as the sloppy terrain mostly influenced the final design of villas.The villas are designed as semi-detached houses, and each is individuallydesigned as a whole making a whole even all together.
At the bottom of the complex, near the sea, there is a largepublic swimming pool.   
 Dragan Mitic