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The Packaging In Food And Beverage Industry Is Going Through Dramatic Twists And Turns
Food and beverage industry goes hand in hand with packaging industry. But this collaboration is impacted by a number of factors. These include demographics as well as the changing lifestyles of people. Besides, changes in spending patterns and eating habits also define new opportunities for the packaging industry in the food and beverage market.

The demographic trends would comprise of changes in the distribution of the population. This includes the rise of single people living alone and nuclear families. The size of households has generally become smaller. Next, there are multiple generations living in a general household. This has been revealed in a report "Food and Beverage Packaging Innovation in the U.S.: Consumer Perspectives" released by Packaged Facts. Due to these demographic changes, there are variations in the dynamics of households. Hence there are households with many shoppers, more meals being consumed by people eating alone in addition to frequent snacking at a number of occasions.

This report by Packaged Facts has identified five important trends that are shaping the food and beverage packaging today. These have been listed here.
Focusing on the Millennials
There are certain habits that are familiar with the Millennials. They are opting more for the fresh foods. There is less focus on processed foods. In fact, they prefer visiting those restaurants which are offering freshly prepared food. They shop at grocery stores offering fresh and non-processed foods.
Small sizes are the next trend
With singles and nuclear families being on the rise, there is a significant demand for packets that can provide a single serving or serve two people. This means a plethora of single serves packets, packaging of meals for two, besides multi-packs having individual portions. Next is the re-sealable packaging.
Convenient packaging
This is a highly important trend. This means features like the ease in the opening pack, ability to reseal, portability, as well as light weight, and easy dispensing without making a mess. These packaging benefits influence the purchasing decisions of the customer in a big way.
Transparent Packaging
Marketers are opting to put their produce in transparent packs. This is because consumer desires to know how a food item or beverage has been produced. Hence they wish to know about the ingredients, how it was sourced, and so on. Business has to invest in consumer goodwill and build upon their trust in this way.
Packaging must be Eco-Friendly
Environmentalists have been highly concerned about waste, especially from packing materials. Hence packaging industry has to be careful about the environment and produce eco-friendly packaging. This has led to the introduction of sustainable packaging such as water bottles that can be reused. This is why Packaged Facts is of the opinion that improvements in recyclability as well as sustainability are going to be very important in this industry. This is why environment-friendly designs are being created for packages. Hence the material being used for packing must be biodegradable. Also, harmful practices must not be used while making these packages. There should be no emission of toxic gasses while disposing of these packaging materials.

All these are not options anymore. The packaging industry has to keep the changing habits of their audience in mind while planning their business strategy for the future. This is the only way for them to survive and sustain themselves.