Be the light television is an international Christian television,  Its head office is situated at Nederlands, Regional offices are located in Pakistan. It covers news and current affairs.The purpose of the project is to take advantage of the era of rapid communications to promote human values and the message of the Jesus christ to a general audience.could possibly help build and reinforce a society of peace and tolerance.
with a strong vision of saving souls through mass media communications. With the spiritual blessing of Almighty God , The BTL tv is a platform for Christian artists.
To reach every home. The broadcast programs with the aim to bring people in contact  with each other and with God.  We do this through both internal and external productions. 
To protection and promotion of human rights and elimination of all forms of violations and help to build a just and peaceful society.
Make more healthy and powerfull family  relationship faith in God
We believe that local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict. Our mission is to help them to make this happen
Empowerment of christian youth, women children through drama talk shows.
The mission of BTL tv is to develop the next generation of leaders to be catalysts for peace and prosperity in the 
In achieving our mission our chief method is the strategic
use of all forms of mass communication and the conduct of
education that will train the young and old to understand
how the principles of the Kingdom of God relate to those