Poramid is a game jam project about building pyramids in weird ways.

in it, the player controls Onubis, Anubis's son, who decided to run his own business as a pyramid builder. they must then guide him as he takes requests from his clients and tries his best at working with clumsy technologies, such as a weird elastic rope, a completely imprecise catapult, a borrowed UFO with nonsense controls, or just give up and carry bricks with his bare paws.
the controls are purposely clumsy; part of the sense of humour of the game is accidentally building completely messed up pyramids and then just going with it.

the game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #36, whose theme was Ancient Technology. it was created by a group of five people, some who have never worked on a game before.
most of the game art was drawn on paper first, then digitalised/redrawn as pixel thingies.
while no hand drawn art went to the final game, some of it is being shown here for comparison and because it's cool actually.


the game is available on itch.io: