Keep South Australia Beautiful - Anti Litter Campaign
Create an anti litter poster campaign

1 x Mouth Litter Poster
2 x Community Posters
2 x School Posters

Size: A1

Design - Typographic flow chart. 
This poster has a series of yes or no answers which lead the reader to the final message that the environment loves them, and to keep recycling/ putting rubbish in the bin.
I wanted to express the importance of not littering and to highlight the problem of rubbish mounds in the ocean.
Some of these mounds are the size of Texas! I wanted to illustrate the truth behind littering and how important it is to dispose of rubbish correctly.
This poster has been created with all the elements made out of food and rubbish. This is a strong design with a tough message of how our future could be is things don't change.
The colours are bright and it is not until you look closely that you notice the elements are made from rubbish.
SCHOOLS - Primary
I decided to get a friend's 6 year old sister to create this poster as I wanted the message to be told from a child's point of view. I told her what I was after and let her go crazy with the design and materials.
SCHOOLS - Highschool
What better way to grab high school kid's attention then by creating a facebook page!
The page is for the "rubbish bin" and it has hundreds of friends, most of which are celebrities. The message is to convey that litering is not cool.
With the tag - Binners are Winners it should get the point across.