Established in 1995, Movistar is a telecommunications company owned by Telefónica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. Movistar is Telefónica’s Spanish-speaking market brand operating in 14 countries, including Spain where it is the largest mobile phone operator with more than 20 million customers and where it also offers landline, broadband, and pay television services. Recently Movistar introduced a refreshed identity designed by Lambie-Nairn.

We refreshed the Movistar brand and its visual identity to adapt it to the new digital arena, as well as to match the size and scale of other great global, iconic brands. We designed the new brand identity as an evolution created to symbolize the new business challenges and company positioning. The new identity makes Movistar a more vibrant, modern and flexible brand, more suited to new digital environments.

We decided to redraw the ‘M’, turning it into a flat symbol and then, from its curves, create a simplified, coherent visual language that can be easily applied.

The new visual style is unique and exclusive to Movistar’s iconic “M” and its new colour palette is a refreshing change that expresses more emotion and modernity, shining in new digital environments with a rejuvenated energy and attitude.

Brand Video

New logo by Lambie-Nairn, 2017

Technical drawing

Containers in motion

Pictograms in motion

Icon set

Graphic System

Advertising at Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Picture: Blonde Poulain, 2017.

Retail concept

Managing Creative Director
Tim Simmons
Executive Client Manager
Áurea Galindo
Design Directors
Juan Moraté, Emilio Jiménez
Pablo Nicolás, Dave Stockfis, Fernando Magán, Filipe Rocha, Javier Leal, Mónica Ramos
Retail Design Manager
Massimo Zoia
Movistar – Elige todo

Movistar – Elige todo

Movistar – Elige todo


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