Concept art - Vol.1
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    Various concepts, mostly personal.
Quick concept of a fantasy character.
A futuristic city, where abandoned, old part meets a new, prosperous district.
That's what happens if you have figurines of Motoko and Deunan on your desk, listening to the soundtrack from MGS and flipping through 'Appleseed' manga. Small squad during leisure time (more or less).
Fantasy-like chariot race can getting nasty - there is no second prize. Image prepared for .PSD Photoshop magazine together with step-by-step tutorial.
Character created for an Asian collectable card game - cyborg soldier.
An outer barrier of a vast futuristic megalopolis. Gigantic watchtowers act as the docking area and the energy processing units. The goal here was to depict massive construction and epic scale of the city. Beyond it, there's only desert. Photoshop. Image featured in Expose 9 from Ballistic Publishing.
A 'cinematic shot' of a bad-ass character breaking out of a secret lab or maybe fighting in an underground complex on a distant planet... who knows? Image featured in Expose 9 from Ballistic Publishing.
Group of marines is slowly approaching the enemy base, set among and on top of ancient buildings, most likely a temple complex. Simple roads and crude, steel bridge have been created to provide the enemy forces with all necessities, like food and ammo.
Throne room of an empress, powered by several psionics. One of concepts prepared for a personal project, 'Absolutum'.
A crime scene prepared for a crime solving point-and-click adventure game.
Pitch art for an independent movie project.
Robbed bank vault. Someone couldn't wait till Monday morning's bank opening to withdraw?
Cozy bar/pub where you can enjoy a drink or two.
"He was always such a nice, quiet neighbor..."
Production sketch - reconnaissance vehicle study - 3/4 and cockpit
Production sketch - reconnaissance vehicle study - orthographic views
Production sketch - maintenance/repair suit