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    This is the place where I use to do all my things. The fact that I have a variety of interests in numerous creative fields implies that my worksp… Read More
    This is the place where I use to do all my things. The fact that I have a variety of interests in numerous creative fields implies that my workspace includes a number of different kinds of equipment. Have a glance. Read Less
Because I have diverse interests within several fields, my workspace includes a variety of equipment.  During the day I juggle multiple tasks: on my Arnal Neolt desk, I draw in pencil, while on my ABF desk I work on music projects, as well as graphic design projects and digital illustrations, using two different Mac workstations. I also have a console devoted exclusively to "live" music. On my desk at the moment are two Yamaha NS-3 speakers, a MacPro, a Mac Intel, an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, two 23-inch Apple displays equipped with monitor stands (because I think it is important to maintain proper posture when sitting for long hours), an M-Audio sound card, two Wacom Intuos graphic tablets and numerous hard disks. There is also a Logitech mouse that I use when working with Logic Pro or Cinema 4D.  My additional equipment includes: a Nektar P4 keyboard and a Roland JD-Xi keyboard, two M-Audio BX5 speakers, a Roland V-Drum set, a Denon DJ MC4000 controller for Virtual DJ Pro, a Kaoss Pad, a Korg Kaossilator, a Beringher mixer and a few pairs of headphones (AKG and Beats Studio).
My setup changes over time.  I like keeping up-to-date and working with the most efficient devices available, both in the field of graphic design and in music production. However, at the moment I feel that I have found the right balance and that I have everything I need in my studio to be able to handle of variety of projects and to meet any customer-specific requirements.
There are four main stations in my workspace: the two Mac desktop computers on my desk, a drawing table, an electronic drum set, and a MacBook Air that "controls" the whole ensemble. Therefore, during the day I often move from one workstation to another within the room. In another room there is a library with a variety of books, which I use for reference when I feel a need for new sources of inspiration.
I enjoy surrounding myself with the things that I like. In my ​​​​​​​studio there are soccer balls, basketballs, and several toys.  Sometimes I like swinging in my Stokke Varier chair, "playing" with one of the many objects I have in the room, looking for an idea to develop or listening to a new song. I always keep a Moleskine notebook on hand to sketch, to scribble notes, or just to doodle with my pencil while looking at some of the wonderful pictures I have hung on the walls. 
To stay focused, I listen to music. I am constantly looking for new music, although I always end up listening to the same old albums.  I have quite broad taste in music, spanning different genres from jazz to rock; but in terms of work, I have a preference for electronic music and composers like Trentemøller, Matthew Herbert, Gus Gus, and Tim Exile.  However, when I need time to think, I like listening to Miles Davis, Horace Silver, and Oscar Peterson.  I need my music in order to be productive. There is also something I use a stress-reliever: two small magnetic wooden blocks that I play with when it takes too long to save or to open a file. Sometimes I make sketches in my notebook, looking for a new idea for a specific project.