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    Packaging, branding and website design for Rocketfuel Coffee Co.


As the task at hand was creating the brand from the ground up, the positioning and strategy was drawn up largely based on interviews and in-depth discussions with the key stakeholders. We identified the target demographic was young professionals and in order to appeal to them our creative direction was very much led by current design trends. As with all our branding projects we began by working up a number of different routes however, the preferred direction was established early on and therefore focussed on exploring a number of variants before developing into the final brand mark.

Packaging Design

Part of the criteria when creating the brand was coming up with a system that could be used across the whole range of products, we felt that name of brand ties it nicely to all things astronomical and that this would provide a strong visual platform for the different brand elements. As you can see in the designs below we’ve allocated a planet for each blend in the range.

Website Design

To aid in the promotion of the Rocketfuel brand we created a simple holding page to capture the details of potential customers prior to the product going on sale. The page utilised a simple background video along with simple load transitions to bring it to life.