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    The biggest mystery of our age. Who might be the super heroes?
Mystery Solved!
We have talked about them for a while. We tried to find their secret identities.

Even if the last century brought us new technologies, unmanned planes, intelligence and others developments, they were still able to hide themselves.

Too many specialists have written a lot about them. PhD theses, movies, comic books... They are the subject of many reseaches and the focus of our curiosity.

Yes, Super Heroes! They brought us hope, justice and confidence in our societies...

In this documentary, we will give you new clues! A new perspective! With our well-knowned team and our talented illustrators, after years of researches, we are spraying the fog around the masked vigilantes' world.

Now, take your places and hold tight! Because you won't believe those revelations!
Do you think this is a concidence that in 1933, Albert Einstein moved in USA and in 1939, Batman appeared in Gotham's sky? What about the famous physicist's moustache? Did you know that Einstein doctoral advisor was named Alfred?
Will we always rely on media's? Science is the key! Stick to the facts!
As we all know, the sixties brought The Beatles at the top of the charts and let them travel the world freely. At the same time, we started to hear from "Earth's mightiest heroes" Avengers.
"Meet the Beatles" in 1963 then "Yellow submarine" (in memory of Namor), "Help", "Magical mystery tour", "Sgt's pepper lonely hearts club band" (in memory of Nick Fury), and "Revolver"...
Isn't it obvious?
Some of the Superheroes like to leave signs behind them. They like to remind us their truth. When Dali exposed his "women skull", did he want us to follow the trail of The Phantom's Skull Cave? His jewellery collection, his skull ring... There is a man wanting to show off, to be knowned and recognized for what he accomplished in each Superheroes!
What do we know about The Tick? Instability, mental problems and super strenght... Porno actor, action movies star, Conan the Barbarian, First pregnant man, California governor,... Arnold is "nigh invulnerable" but see what he could do without his antennas.

For someone who is almost immortal it is really important to be able to change his apparence to not compromised his identity. Well, for Wolverine it was pretty easy to use the trashy rock stars and killing them years after years, to be in peace with his solo brutal life.
Can't you clearly see that, he used the "27 Club" for his purpose?
So whose body is Wolverine now?!