Tim Weber GEICO Trailer Wrap
A wrap I designed for GEICO's Air Show Team Trailer
It's not every day you get a request to do a massive trailer that can hold a plane. I made this wrap about 6 years ago for Tim Weber, the crazy dude who fly's this plane. Let me tell you, GEICO does things right. This trailer had all the bells and whistles, and it held a plane that folded down to fit in the back. I don't remember how much time I spent on this, but I do remember we had to custom make our own template for this wrap. We took several pictures from different angles, measured once, twice and three times then laid out the template in Illustrator. Once the template was built in Illy it was off to Photoshop land to do the designs.

Thanks Tim Weber and GEICO for the opportunity to wrap an awesome trailer for you!