Nike Global Release - Air Force 1 Pearl Collection
NIke Air Force 1 30th Anniversary Pearl Collection
I'm stoked to announce a collaboration with Nike to create the campaign image for the Air Force 1 – 30th-anniversary Pearl Collection: The Golden One. I worked directly with the Art Directors at Nike to produce this campaign image that was released globally last week. The shoe becomes available this Friday, August 31st.

The image is part of a series of 30th Anniversary releases this year by Nike for the Air Force 1. Nike provided a photograph of the gymnasium (taken in day light) that was used in previous campaigns, but this particular illustration required a complete recreation of the gym using C4D. By recreating the gym, I was able to control the mood of the scene with real lighting and confetti to have complete control over the intensity of the lighting and positioning of the confetti. C4D offered the flexibility to make adjustments to the details as directed by the team at Nike.