Rockfutur - Luxury Discount Startup


Rockfutur is a discount startup in the luxury segment.
The customer has an idea, a wish and money. Our specialists created a prototype, an MVP, 
followed by an online catalog with business services concerning e-commerce, reservations, SMS/emailing.

According to the customer's requirements, we created an individual content control systemWe completed the task concerning linking the catalog, the shop, the goods, the TM marketing materials into a single brand which would stand out for the audience's eyes and work successfully.

We used programming technologies such as :
Angular JS;

​​​​​​​To create a work control system for the customer, we used  YARANDIN Lab.


Countries  —  23
Partners  —  236

Tags: UI, UX, Product design, AxD, webdesign animation, luxury, cloud links, cms, clean interface service, homepage, icons, landing page, mobile, tablet, catalogue, branding, brandbook, gold card, package design, service platform, horse, webdesign, web site design, user experience, user interface, payment, responsive application, healthcare lifestyle, healthy food, restaurant, hotel, luxury classic rent, market, interface, booking, logo
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Rockfutur - Luxury Discount Startup
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