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    An eccentric wedding suite for a couple getting married in Toronto.
If Dennis and Jonathan's Toronto wedding suite is any indication of their actually wedding, I would expect it to fantastically eccentric. With a color palette of aqua blue and bright orange, this suite was bound for intense design and it does not disappoint. The bulldog and panda icon represent each groom. Dennis wanted a panda to represent his Chinese heritage and Jonathan wanted a bulldog to represent his English heritage. The two icons are a reoccurring theme throughout their suite as a monogram and silhouettes. 

The invitation is a unique bilingual piece that was designed as a bi-fold. When opened, the invitation is shared in English on the left and in Chinese on the right. Becuase this piece needs to be folded when it's in the envelope, we dressed up the back with a pattern. As the recipient opens the invitation's envelope, they are greeted with a pop of color.

As for the rest of the suite, they decided to share the reply information, map and dinner request on a two-sided card. On one side, there is the map of Toronto pointing out not only all of the key locations of the wedding, but also some places people could visit. The back of the card has reply instructions in the form of email, along with a note about requesting meals. Overall, this suite is eye-catching and reflects the personality and desires of the couple.
front of information card
back of information card
I designed this wedding suite while working at Mr. Boddington's Studio.