Top Dog: Lucky's Charm
Game and Story by DaleApp Studios
Edit: Top Dog: Lucky's Charm has just been released!
Top Dog is a little adventure game for Android about dogs at a day care, and designed to be expandable into many games, with each one starring a different dog. This game focuses on Lucky, a dog of unknown breed but a heart of gold.

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Here is Lucky, the game's protagonist.She is thankful to be givena home after being found wandering in the woods.
This is Likarus. He dreams of adventure in the outdoors, but he’s too scared to leave the officewhere he watches nature TV all day. Lickarus is owned by a small girl whoadores him. She has attached wings to his collar. He has a longtongue and tends to drool. When he becomes brave enough to venture into the yard,he devotes himself to learning how to fly.

He also show cases the process it took to reach the final images. When this project first started, there had been and idea vector the characters instead of watercolor. So we tested the idea on Likarus. In the end, we went with watercolor.
From R to L:

Maki is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She always looks very worried. Maki is neurotic and she needs to haveher favorite squeak toy while away from home or she becomes distraught. Shelikes to sing with her squeak toy, but her singing is terrible and annoys theother dogs.

Chiffonis a long-haired Yorkshire terrier. She isa purse dog that is brought to all the fashion shows.Her trademark fashionstatement is the bow in her hair.

Juanis a Chihuahua that used to live on thestreets, which he ruled with his gang of bullies. He is now owned by anaffectionate family but he misses the thrill of the criminal underground. . When the trainers aren’t looking, Juan threatens the otherdogs and takes their dog treats.

From R to L:

Mystique is a cocker spaniel. She cares greatly for herappearance and doesn’t dare go outside. She has a luscious coat which she isalways having groomed. She loves strawberries and only enjoys the finer thingsin life. It takes a lot to impress her.

Newton is a miniature schnauzer and a very prolificinventor. He is a dark gray with muzzle and eyebrows that are silver and bushy.He wears a pack on hisback with side pockets full of gadgets and gizmos.

Red is a chocolate lab that loves to play sports. Herfur has a reddish brown tint to it and she wears a red handkerchiefaround her neck. Red is excellent at playing fetch and very friendly andactive.

is a miniature pinscher and also a purse dog. Hisowner is “frenemies” with Chiffon’s owner, and while they attend the samefashion events, they are always competing with one another. He wears ahoundstooth scarf around his neck, which is his fashion statement.

Collection of items for the dogs to interact with.
More items for the dogs to interact with.
Here we have the Trainer and their rainbow of tracksuits. They seem to exist only from the waist down because that is the only part of the Trainer the dogs ever look at.
The Pen, Pool and Bushes backgrounds for the game
The Salon, Office and Kennel backgrounds.