LIT Music Week Identify and Promotional Rebrand 
Limerick Institute of Technology - Music Week 2017

Our brief was to create an identity, identity application and promotion strategy for LIT Music Week. The identity needed to reflect the hands on fun education of the LIT music technology course and the energetic atmosphere of the music week. This year, the target audience has grown to include the wider limerick population, therefor the identity needed to be dynamic and versatile. Music is an everyday unexpected pleasure for everyone an aspect we were eager to highlight.

The Concept

Music is everywhere. We interact with it everyday on some level. From the humble string, that can vibrate to create a sound, to the strumming of a guitar. Everybody makes music, sometimes in the most unexpected ways with the most unexpected objects. With our concept, we explore music in the heart of the everyday. Follow the soundwave from the whistle of the kettle to the melody of the recorder. Follow the wave to LIT Music Week.
Mock ups 
Photographs from LIT Music Week
LIT Music Week